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Specializing in Back and Neck Pain, Athletes, couch potatoes and anyone 9 to 90
years old!

“THE MENEZES METHOD – a Step Beyond Pilates”

Menezes Method

Pilates Instructor Training Courses (Online)

“To Be Terrific – Be Specific”®

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The Encompass Power Tower assists with pure body resistance to strengthen the entire body. It mechanically adjusts the incline to the tastes of the individual to gain the best outcomes.


The Gyrotonic® Tower is an unusual piece of equipment that allows a diverse set of movements to mobilise, rotate and strengthen all muscles groups individually. First introduced to Australia by Allan Menezes in 1999.

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The Tornado®-360 was invented by Allan Menezes. It rotates 360 degrees. This unique product helps with spinal rotation as well as toning the legs, strengthening the core and alleviating back pain.
Available for purchase at

The Menezes Pilates Contrology® Studio - Chatswood

We are also specialists in assisting in the rehabilitation of back, knee, shoulder, hip and other problems and have been doing this since 1986.

We also help with:

The MENEZES METHOD is vastly different to regular pilates in many respects –
e.g. We use the B-Line® not ‘navel to spine’, Stable Spine(TM) (as opposed to Neutral Spine), The Performer® – a new concept in rotational movement using the Pilates reformer, with movements based on the Art of Contrology®. Our unique SpinalCore® system of exercises to strengthen your core and stabilise your spine.

Our Goal

Our Goal – is to combine our expertise and vast experience to produce RESULTS, giving you and effective ‘whole body’ for better quality of life. We believe that every exercise must have a functional purpose. If it doesn’t – we don’t teach it! Based on Joseph Pilates concepts of Contrology, we aim to improve your movement and , thereby, your mental control over what you are capable of achieving.

How long should you attend?

After your initial consultation, we recommend that you attend 2 to 3 times a week for 2-3 months in order to gain the most benefit and see, and feel, the changes!  If we can get you 20% better in 6 months, this is usually more than others have achieved. We usually exceed this target!

Investment. See below for investment specials.

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How many in the class?

There are a maximum of 5 people in the class at any one time. ALL SESSIONS ARE BY APPOINTMENT.
There are no ‘group’ sessions. Although there are others in the studio, you are doing your own program, under supervision, that has been organised in your initial private consultation.
Each session is 1 hour long and we spend extra time on the importance of stretching before you commence your workout.

How do I start?

An initial consultation and assessment by our qualified expert is required by all.
The session assesses all past physical issues and current strengths, weaknesses, mobility and posture. We then organize your progressive program around this.

What to Bring:

  • Snug fitting clothing (gym wear).

  • Men please wear bike shorts or similar.

  • Please bring a bottle of water and a towel to lie on.

  • Gym Shoes are NOT required – a clean pair of socks is essential.

FOR ALL ENQUIRIES, to chat about your  condition or to book an initial consultation, please call Allan  on 0419 333 600.


Pay for 20 sessions at your initial consultation and receive the initial consultation for ONLY $10 – SAVE $140!
TOTAL: $1000

All sessions are by appointment. The above offer is only valid for new clients.

  • You will also receive to following bonuses:

  • Menezes Pilates Floor 1 online Video to do your workouts at home ($14.95)

  • FREE ” Pilates Theory Bible” – $19.95 (eBook)  by Allan Menezes

  • $90 for Long Celluroller (RRP: $144) SAVE $54

  • Renew 20 sessions at $990 – and receive 22 sessions (conditions apply)

Limited time only Not available with any other offers or discounts.


Initial Consultation: $150.00One to One Private session – 1.5 hours must be completed by all new clients.
Please bring recent X-Rays or copies of scan reports if you have had an injury in the last 12 months

Individual private sessions with Allan Menezes – $120 for 1hr  or $1000 for 11 sessions

GENERAL SESSIONS: 1hr duration

10 SESSIONS – $650 – Valid for 12 weeks
When you renew your 10 sessions prior to the expiry of the last session, the renewal rate is $600, saving $50.

20 SESSIONS – $990 – Must attend twice a week. (Renew before final session and receive 22 sessions.)

Payment by cash, cheque or bank transfer only. Sorry no electronic facilities available.

Bank Details:
Account name: Pilates Studio
BSB: 112879
Account Number: 437273677

Please state your name as the reference



The PILATES STUDIO Chatswood, NSW. Australia
Working with, and for, athletes, stay-at-home mums, pregnancy, dancers, golfers, desk jockeys, etc.

We are the only studio IN THE WORLD to use the Tornado-360 device invented by Allan Menezes.

Contact Us: Office (02) 9410 0274
Allan 0419 333 600


All sessions are by appointment only and subject to bookings made.

  • Monday: 8am – 12noon……….3-7pm
  • Tuesday: 6am – 12 noon
  • Wednesday: 8am – 12noon……….3-7pm
  • Thursday: CLOSED
  • Friday: 6am – 1pm
  • Saturday: 8am – 12noon

Contact us with your query by calling Allan on 0419 333 600

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Menezes Method

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